Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feisty Bento #239: Super Quickie Bento

Super quickie bento, as I'm still feeling under the weather... in fact, I'm dizzy and want to just lie down right now, but alas, I've got the commute home to think about...

Left to right: World's Best Chicken Salad; Trader Joe's brand dolmas (dolmades or stuffed grape leaves, depending on where you're from)

As for the stuffed grape leaves, it was unfortunate that the first one I took out of the jar (not pictured here) was super veiny, and really unpleasant to bite into, ew.  Since then, the leaves haven't been quite as veiny but still veinier than I'm used to (usually, I think they are completely de-veined so that it's a smooth bite, nothing to really bite THROUGH, per se).  The taste is fine otherwise: a bit mushy, as expected from grape leaves that are shelf stable and filled with just rice and lemon juice.  Tasty, but nothing to blow your senses.  I think it was only $2.99 a jar though, so not a bad idea for a staple in your fridge for a quickie bento like this morning's for me. 



  1. LOL...all I can think of after ready your post is Veinyness! But stuffed wine leaves are a great idea for bento. I think I feel an antipasto themed bento coming on!

  2. I'm watching, I'm watching! Feel better soon.

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  4. I need to read this blog more often. I spend tons of money on sub-par food around my way in Union Sq. I see your yummy chicken salad came in handy for a couple days! mmm

  5. That chicken salad is so crazy awesome.

  6. Hey girlie!

    I have two questions - because I am going to bento for the two Skippykids [right now they get a sandwich, chips, cookie and fruit with a juice box...yawn and not so healthy] But I need to ask....

    For the hummus - I know you make your own - but can it stay unrefrigerated? Neither SK has cold storage ability at school...

    My other question - anything you absolutely love that doesn't need to be reheated/refrigerated that I can pack for them? The Squirrel does have microwave capabilities but no go for the Porcupine. to buy Bento boxes [your whole lunch section INSPIRED me!]


  7. I meant to say "sandwich" instead of "lunch". I mean, duh, aren't bentos all about lunch.

    One more question - what are the grape leaves stuffed with?