Thursday, October 16, 2008

Feisty Bento #236: More again yes the same

I admit, I bought a good amount of bento stuff during my SF 2k8 trip.  I didn't take a big shot of all my bounty spread out on the bedspread this time, and it's so much fun making you wait and doing slow reveals!!!  I'm evil, but this is in part due to Cookie, who occasionally emails me around noon to ask me "What, no bento?  Why haven't you posted it yet?  WHAT DO YOU HAVE FOR LUNCH?" but has been swearing since forEVER that she's going to get a camera and start posting her own bento.  Uh huh.  I'll believe it when I see it...

I love bento shopping in SF.  A reader emailed me recently asking if there were any bento shopping tips I could give her for an upcoming trip to NYC.  But then she said she was from somewhere near the Bay Area, and I told her, "No... really?  No way!  Don't bother bento shopping here.  Everything's overpriced and there's nothing you can get here that you can't get in SF for $1.00 or $1.50."

For example, I bought this Strawberry Candy set - bento, matching fork, matching bag, matching band, for $1.50 each piece.  That comes out to $6.00 total.  I don't think I could even find this here - if I did, it'd be everything altogether, for hmm $8 or more?  Maybe $10, since my first bento set was $17.99 (no utensils, just the bag and the boxes), and my second one was $17 (two tier box, plain band, bag).  Yeah.

Top tier:  roasted grape tomatoes; cut up steak
Bottom tier: bok choi salad (last of it, boohoo); pickled cucumbers and peppers and stuff; cabbage/sausage mix; honey mustard for the cabbage & sausage mix; grilled peppers

Mmm, I can't wait to go eat this, so I think I shall!!! 



  1. I've been dropping not even close to subtle hints about a fun little weekend trip to socal. Once we're there it'd be a shame not to swing by a few stores, right? I know. Shameless.

  2. I have the same bento set which I bought on ebay for $28! overpriced.

    I wish I had more bento stores here in Saipan to stock up on bento supplies. My son just got back from Japan last week, but he did not get me any obento items!

    I always love looking at your blog! Come visit mine,