Friday, August 7, 2009

Feisty Bento #368 & 369: Double time


Quinoa on the bottom, on top, two roased cippolini onions, a hard boiled egg, and some soup veggies that I just plopped on top.  This was really good and surprisingly, extremely filling.  That was Thursday's bento, but I forgot to post it on Thursday...

I went to meet up with a coworker on Thursday for lunch, and while we were climbing the stairs to the Elevated Acre, we came across this.


It was on one of the steps.  It didn't move, so I thought, "It must be dead," and was ready to keep moving (around it).  She said, "Wait, I think it's hurt," and I realized it was still alive.  We were both surprised by how BIG it was.


The thing was huge, that's like 5" or so, right?  Anyway, it fluttered a little as she coaxed it onto her hand so we could put it in some nearby bushes - away from kids who might accidentally trample it or crazy people who might kill it on purpose or capture it for whatever purposes.  I decided that, the day was a little chilly and we were near the water, so very windy, that might have been what caused it to feebly tremble in our presence instead of being all happy and healthy. 


Friday's bento, which was basically the last of the quinoa topped with soup greens and a hard boiled egg.  VERY filling.  And delicious.  That helps.  :) 

Think outside the lunchbox!!!


  1. I saw quinoa pasta on Top Chef Masters and was quite interested but have no idea what it is. What kind of flavor does quinoa have?

  2. Hi there Gluten Free! I'm not sure if quinoa and quinoa pasta are the same thing? but quinoa is more about the texture. It appears to absorb the flavors of whatever you cook it in or with - I made mine with chicken stock, so it tasted much like chicken stock but in small ball-ish pasta-like form. Like couscous? I imagine it would be good tossed with some cold, raw veggies, chopped up semi-small, or even mixed in with salsa, guacamole (I'm not sure those are gluten-free, I really don't know too much about that, sorry!)... basically just a grain to fill you up but not really big on flavor unless you make it so. I hope that helps!