Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Feisty Bento #370: Flushing Fun Run


Sometimes I take pictures of what I eat, as uninteresting as they might be, just to show y'all on my bento site.  Cuz I'm nice like that. 

On Monday morning, this was my breakfast; half of a bacon/egg/cheese on a bagel and half of a sausage/egg/cheese.  I wish it was some cute reason like BF & I split our breakfast sandwiches in the morning, but the truth is slightly more thrifty than that.  On Sunday, we'd woken up early so I could go to the doctor (oh, you didn't know?  My ankle is busted; x-rays and waiting to hear back how that went...), so we both got our usuals.  Only we each ate half - me because I didn't NEED to eat the whole one, and I wound up sticking them in the fridge and he forgot his half at my place, so I put it with mine for breakfast. 

Can you guess which half is my usual and which half is his usual???  :)

After that, we went to go catch a showing of Julie/Julia, and then had dinner, so... it was a pretty full day, no need to eat the rest of it. 


For lunch on Monday, I had two onigiri rice balls purchased from the local Japanese market - shrimp tempura and tuna mayo (their name).  Yummy and filling, for less than $2 each (I ate two just cuz I'm a piggy like that!). 

On Tuesday, I didn't bring lunch, because I left work early to get that x-ray I mentioned.  Hmm, I should call the doctor and see what's up.  Anyway, I wound up buying some food near the x-ray place...


Some of which became part of my Wednesday's bento - mai fun and a fried drumstick (so good! and crispy!).  Yum!


Here's an updated picture of the puppy we adopted in January.  Can you tell how much bigger he's gotten?  He's close to 40 lbs now.  He could probably knock me over if he's given enough of a running start... seriously.  And I'm not a small girl!  Yeah, you think he looks so cute and innocent in this picture, but he's Marley reincarnated (of Marley & Me fame).  He eats drywall and everything in sight!  Eesh! 


Here he is with Mommy... seriously, he's much heavier than I thought he'd be.  He's very muscular so his body weighs a ton!!!

In any case...

think outside the lunchbox!!!


  1. Food? There was food on this blogpost? Oh, the puppy! Oh! the bigger puppy!!!

    And stop saying how big you are - you are skinny [in the pic'] and well porportioned for your height - you are absolutely lovely.

    I am going to shoot back what you say about my 17 year old "EAT A HAMBURGER WOULD YOU". ;D

  2. Those rice balls make me want to cry... they remind me of 7-11 :'(. Seriously though, decently priced when you compare them to OMS.b. Shame on them.