Monday, August 3, 2009

Feisty Bento #365: Back from vacation


Returning to work after a two week hiatus sucks.  I don't think there's any way around that. 

My return bento, while tasty, kind of sucks, too.  I tried to plan better, but things went the way things'll go, and well, here you go.

Roasted broccoli; sauteed green beans (splash of hot sauce); roasted cippolini onion; pork bun (but not the kind you're thinking)

I had a lovely time pretending to be unemployed, despite the very little activity in which I engaged.  That was okay by me!  I felt so relaxed and great... even though I literally ran every day but one (when I took a day trip to another city).  Awesome.  Totally awesome. 


I even went into Whole Foods one day, post-press-event (more on that of course, another time), and saw these!  Laptop Lunch sets being labeled bento box set (see top right of label).


These were multi-colored.  I've been kind of sort of wanting one since I first saw them, but had only seen them online and shipping was too much, and the set itself already seems a bit expensive... here at Whole Foods it was $20.99 which I don't recall is the same price as online or not.  Ah well.  It's nice to see bento being embraced into the mainstream though... there were other items around this little section that encouraged one to go green with your lunch.  I like that.  I really do.


I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before (I don't think I have, anyway).  Well, what you see above is one of the apartments on the ground floor of my building.  I am pretty certain the woman who lives there is all out insane.  You can't see it but a few times I've walked by and there's an open bag of bird seed by the open window THAT HAS NO SCREEN, so pigeons fly over and eat out of the window.  Yeah.  Aside from all the unhygienic points I could make, that's just nasty!  And wrong!  And you think the birds never go IN the apartment?


Do you see that?  One of them went in!  Is she trapping them to eat them?  WTF??? 

So, aside from some crazy neighbors and some odd moments during my two weeks off, I had an absolutely blissful time off and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Maybe next time 4 weeks off in a row...?  ;)

Think outside the lunchbox, peoples...!


  1. pigeon bento...mmmmm

  2. Hey, welcome back! I will say, I think I saw on Biggie's site something about Laptop Lunches coming out with a new bento set that was more bento friendly.

  3. ooooh, those bentos are so cute. I really need to restock our bento supplies - you would not believe what the kids break, throw away or lose! And school is one month away.

    I want a pork roll now. Thanks :)

  4. Your Whole Foods pics reminded me of another blog post I saw not too long ago about Goodbyn:
    Very much reminded me of bento.

  5. You need a Laptop Lunchbox! They are super fun and that is a great price! I had to pay about $27 for mine (because of shipping).