Thursday, August 20, 2009

Feisty Bento #372, 373 & 374: Bento for Baseball


Breakfast of champions!  Another cupcake and a tall soy latte.  The cupcakes are for an upcoming post over on Feisty Foodie... you know I'm not that big into sweets! 


Potato salad & crispy wings, both from Ragtime, made my Wednesday bento. 


Wednesday night, we had a ballgame.  David Wright, bless him, is on the DL right now after being drilled in the head with a 94mph fastball *grimace* and here is where I go into a mini-baseball rant: I was really upset when this happened.  I know it was an accident, but just ... I was a ranting angry lunatic two weeks ago when another pitch (different team, different pitcher) almost hit him in the head but he managed to get out of the way just in time.  This time, he got hit, and he's got a concussion, I mean he looks like he'll be OK based on him being up and around the stadium already, but seriously, I was really, really upset that this happened.  I literally felt sick over it, and seeing the numerous replays made me want to throw up.  Just... horrifying.  A friend of mine was at the stadium when it happened, and she said that the entire stadium went dead silent as he fell to the ground and didn't even move.  Man, just writing this is bringing tears to my eyes.  I'm not crazy like "He is my boyfriend" and believe that, but I do feel a very soft spot for him, and this really just upset me.  I'm a big ol' softy, what can I say?  Anyways, my point was (aside from getting that off my chest), since he's not on the lineup and won't be playing for a while, I took a photograph much later in the game... it's Angel Pagan batting.  It was a horrible game.  But they decorated the field to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the 69 Mets, an Amazin' team to be sure. 


So I packed this bento to bring to the game, for BF.  I know! I finally got to pack him bento! but I didn't want to get too cutesy or crazy.  Duck fried rice with bacon on the left (more on that another time, really!), and a cupcake (yes still cupcakes).  And it was good.  Save some money at the game (I told you I'd eventually bento for baseball! - I really wanted to make something baseball themed, but didn't have time). 


And the next day, the rest of the duck fried rice for lunch.  Yummy!

Think outside the lunchbox!


  1. Wow - I'm surprised you could get your bentos in a Major League Ballpark. We get frisked and naughty looks when we bring in empty plastic water bottles to fill at the local Minor League park. It gets to where you expect a little kiss beforehand, if you know what I mean. Nice work.

  2. That duck fried rice looks great! I love the colors. :)