Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Feisty Bento #371: What I Eat

Thursday night, I attended a lovely tasting at a restaurant that I will, of course, discuss later on Feisty Foodie.  They completely stuffed us silly, and you know how I hate wasting, so the leftovers were boxed up and taken home.  I insisted my dining companion take many of the dishes, knowing I'd be out and about the next few days (it was BF's birthday weekend), but I did wind up taking the fish (because she's allergic) and some other stuff.  Which became my lunch for Friday.  (I would have re-packed it more nicely, but I wound up unable to as I woke up late on Friday morning.)


Delicious fresh fish. 


The asparagus that we'd also eaten; I drizzled a little mayo on top just for fun and it was delicious ;)

Of course, I can't really count that as a bento.

Monday came and I was, once again, in a huge rush around the apartment trying to get out the door in time to catch the bus.  I'd planned a little smarter and had, the day before, done a little bit of grocery shopping at Ragtime, which is one of my favorite cute little Italian shops, but super expensive.  I bought a sandwich that I planned on taking half for lunch and - well, you'll see.


Since I had not much time, I stuffed half of the sandwich (the smaller/shorter end) into a sandwich bag and quickly threw some cantaloupe into a box to eat with it. 


The other half was dinner, with a bowl of my soup - I'm going to have to name this soup soon, even though the ingredients are constantly changing! - and a "healthy" dollop of sour cream on top :)

I can only call this a bento post if I show you a bento, and neither of these lunches really qualifies as bento, huh?  Well, before I get to this, I have to show you something.


I was walking through the park, smiling and in a great mood, when I saw this.  I did a double take, and had to turn around to take out my camera and catch a shot.


There is a pigeon sitting on that bench like this is completely normal.  The people sat next to it (well, one section over) and he didn't even move or flinch.  Wow.  I mean, look at him!  He's just chillin'!  I almost fell over from laughing so hard. 


There's this morning's breakfast: tall soy latte, a banana walnut cupcake with cream cheese frosting, and my BlackBerry - no, I didn't eat it, but I was busy corresponding on it.  Who says you can't have cupcakes for breakfast?  I'm an adult now and can eat whatever I want for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!  :)


And finally, here's lunch: roasted red skinned & purple potatoes, and crispy wings (also courtesy of Ragtime). 

So that's what I've been up to the past few days.  What about you??? 

Think outside the lunchbox!!! 

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