Monday, August 24, 2009

Feisty Bento #375: Pescetarian Delicious

Hmm, does this count as bento?


On Thursday night, I went to pick up a block of tofu for my master eggplant plan.  (Egg-plan?  No... hmm...)  As I walked by the refrigerated case, I spotted a container of cold sesame noodles with peanut sauce - considering the freakin' disgustingly humid weather lately, this sounded like an excellent option to beat the heat!  So I picked it up for $2.29 - pretty reasonable, right? -


and had myself a pretty delicious, filling, vegetarian, cooling lunch on Friday.  Trader Joe's chocolate soy milk in the background, and a cup of water.  So, not really a bento...


But for today, I have something super exciting and delicious! 

In the left box with dividers is sliced peaches (from a jar I keep in my fridge for just such occasions); the other two sections contain ceviche (leftovers from a restaurant that yes, I will eventually review) that I've doctored to make more to my tastes, including adding a huge bunch more cilantro! 

In the right box, no dividers - I just manage to portion things that neatly, haha - sauteed bean sprouts; spicy eggplant tofu dish (that will get its day on Feisty Foodie as well), and white rice. 

I can microwave the right box if I want... I may just do that.  Can't wait for lunch!!!  *squee*

Think outside the lunchbox!!!

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  1. Is your tofu/eggplant concoction similar in taste to the Szechuan dish which combines eggplant with minced pork and bean paste sauce? I can't wait for recipe Friday!!!!!! I'm too impatient :(.