Monday, September 8, 2008

Feisty Bento #218: Another Wonderful Weekend

Friday nightTarget Free Fridays at the MoMA for the Dali exhibit before it ends.  I never saw Persistence of Memory in person before (despite having gone to the MoMA countless times growing up and even in recent years; it's constantly on loan elsewhere) and had no idea it was so... tiny.  Saw some great stuff.  Re-ignited my desire to purchase one of his pieces, though it's always a toss up as to which.  (Side note: Dali is probably one of the hardest artists to verify a painting... I've read numerous accounts that he occasionally had other people paint FOR him, or that he would occasional sign his name to other people's work... Hahaha.  So it kind of sucks since a person might ostensibly buy a fake that has his real signature on it.  More about his fascinating life)

Part of dinner on Friday night.  Review to come on The Feisty Foodie ;)

Saturday: Tropical Storm Hanna.  Tried to keep me indoors.  Boo.

Overflowing waterfall

Sunday: Much better weather, a walk up to the commercial part of my neighborhood, as per our usual weekend date

Our new favorite place

Our new favorite cheese - piave.  If you like hard Italian cheeses, this is good, with a crumbly texture and a nutty flavor

None of my sammy pics came out clear, my hands must have been shaking a little the whole time.  Prosciutto, crusty bread, and pesto spread on the bread, yum!

Sunday night:  Why am I eating crappy ice cream with crappy jimmies and ... well, you'll see why.

This picture was taken right before the catcher's interference was called.

This would have been a great picture of the Phillies manager getting booted from the game, except this person a few rows in front of me threw her fist up.  Bah.

Here he is continuing to argue even after he was thrown out of the game, the umpire ignoring him and stalking off, as if to say "Argue all you want buddy, I MADE MY DECISION!"  Hehe. 

We went on to win the game, 6-3.  Redemption!  The Mets held onto their lead in the division, keeping it to 2 games but not really increasing it.  ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN the rest of this month, but I am really excited~!  I can smell the October baseball, we're so close!  Not as close as last year but maybe that's what we need, keep that fire lit under our asses!  Whee!!!

The reason I was eating crappy ice cream a few pictures back!  To get this helmet cup :) to add to my Mets' shrine (photo to come after I order a few David items to add to it...)

I actually used a cutesy pick today!  Here is my yummers bento.

Jamon de Serrano, chili butter (recipe to come), provolone on a sandwich roll; pitted Kalamata olives in the black cup; roasted red peppers in the bottom cup for last minute addition to my sandwich.  Oh, glory! 

Here's to delicious "European style" (per the BF) lunches~!

HAPPY BENTO!!!  How was your weekend?

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  1. OMG I want a cheese store! I'm a cheese addict and love trying new kinds whenever I can.

    Your bento looks super nummy too! I've been thinking about hunting down one of those sandwich boxes, but I'm not sure if I would use it very much