Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feisty Bento #221: Pork Chops & Chunky

Still not a good week.  Well, it's almost over, thank god, and it's ending with one of my favorite things in the world - BASEBALL!!!  Whee! 

Top tier: miso pork chop
Bottom tier:  leftover mac & cheese (from dinner last night); frozen corn

I'm really into this frozen corn in bento thing now.  It defrosts and is tasty in time for lunch.  Yay.  Review on the place I went to for dinner last night to come... This box must be pretty small because one pork chop barely fits into the big tier.  Weird.

Happy bento!!!


  1. yum! pork chops and mac n cheese:) one of my faves!

    i use frozen corn, green beans and peas and occasionally other veggies too
    It works best when you are going to be warming the lunch up

  2. Yum! I am going to have to try miso pork chops!

  3. I pack frozen Brussels Sprouts sometimes in my bentos. They are really good and a but spicy just thawed out and not cooked further. That pork of yours looks amazing!

  4. Can I ask a question about frozen corn? Do you end up with water in the bottom of the box? I interested to try frozen berries and veg during the winter months but am worried about other things getting soggy.


  5. robynblue- completely valid concern. Well, I've been using recently-bought frozen corn and have not found a problem with excess liquid, but I bet if I put a cracker in there (for example) it would get soggy anyway from the moisture/condensation as it defrosted. Also, in the past, I've packed "old" frozen corn (like it'd been in my freezer for a few months, and had clumped up into icy chunks, still good for cooking) - and that definitely had a lot more liquid when it defrosts. Hope that helps, please let me know if you have more questions!!! :)