Monday, September 29, 2008

Feisty Bento #227: Return Bento & Snack Bento for Airplane

I'm back and slapped together a bento this morning.  Do I sound grumpy?  Because I kind of am.  Well, I shouldn't say that.  I HAD A FANTASTIC TIME ON MY TRIP :) and full write ups of everything to come very soon on Feisty Foodie, but work is slamming me from all sides and I'm just trying to catch up... I can't wait to quit!  Ahhhhhhhh!  I even managed to cook yesterday despite attending a very sad baseball game indeed.

In this bento: a mango pudding (super artificial but it's cute! and an entire box of these was, I kid you not, $1.29); pitted Kalamata olives; gemelli pasta tossed with pesto, chopped broccoli, and corn niblets.  Super easy.

Lunch time!

Happy bento!!!

Psst.  I didn't pack an airplane bento this time, per se, but I packed a snack bento for us to enjoy on the plane.  I didn't pack airplane bento because our flight was early on Saturday morning; instead, I just ran over to Ragtime and picked up a couple of sandwiches for us.  Actually, just one; we split it during the flight and were both very full indeed.

I've got exciting news all around soon!