Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Feisty Bento #223: More sandwiches!

Told you, sandwich week!  But not the same everyday, that would be TOO BORING!!!

Top tier: (two) cream cheese and roasted red pepper on pumpernickel cocktail bread; mandarin oranges from a can; green bean salad
Bottom tier: roast beef and honey mustard on pumpernickel cocktail bread; macaroni salad with parsley sprinkled on top; potato salad with dill sprinkled on top

I spread cream cheese on both sides of the bread to act as moisture barriers, so the moist roasted red peppers wouldn't make the bread soggy.  Ideally, I would have pulsed some cream cheese with some roasted red peppers in a food processor, but not only do I not own a food processor, well, it just seemed silly to go through all that trouble for two small sandwiches.  Though I would like to make roasted red pepper cream cheese one day... :)

Oh my, I can't wait to eat this bento!!! 

Happy bento everyone!!!


  1. delish looking. I also like how not all 3 sandwiches are the same. makes it even more interesting!

  2. I have a food processor!! Come visit meeeee!!