Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Feisty Bento #215: More presents

Hey, you know how I didn't have a bento on Thursday?  Read all about why here.  Pretty cool, so go read it :)


Friday night dinner (recipe to come... check out The Feisty Foodie on Friday!)

Lunch on Saturday, comprised of all leftovers (including Woorijip yums).  Probably stuff I should have left until today so I'd have a better bento instead of what I have... haha.

Dinner on Sunday, recognize the plates?  Yep, at my sister's, visited my nephews for a bit. 

Dessert Sunday - grilled peaches.  Who knew they became so uber delicious after a bit of grilling?!

Obligatory attempt at being artsy - view of the inside of the lid of my brand new rice cooker, before I used it for the first time (squee!).  I had to take the shot when I looked inside and saw how reflective that inner lid is.

More presents!  BF's father occasionally comes across random books at his job, and often picks up items he thinks might be of interest to me.  In the past, under my direction of "any book that's pink or girly looking" he would bring me what I'd hope was chick lit.  Lots of interesting books this way that normally I might not read (I'm always looking to expand my reading horizons).  He also knows how much I like food and to cook (though I haven't been doing much of that, honestly), and saw a cookbook... the funny thing is, I've heard so much about Chez Panisse and Alice Waters across the food-blog-a-verse, that I got really excited when I saw this and jumped up and down a bit.  I may have squealed.  Expect to see some recipes from this book soon... hopefully (I haven't cracked it open yet so I haven't seen how complex a recipe is or isn't).   

Dinner on Monday - pathetic and sad instant ramen.  I couldn't even get up the energy to make frozen udon (which is eons better than instant/dried ramen!).  But I did manage to toss in some frozen dumplings and some frozen corn.

And finally, bento.  Can you tell I was in a hurry?  I threw in the most random assortment of stuff, and didn't even bother to debone the chicken.  Oops.

Top tierMiso chicken thigh (still on the bone); onigiri with leftover salmon, mashed with a bit of mayo and pickle relish; marinated cuttlefish
Bottom tier: Frozen Yakult (Korean yogurt drink); chocolate covered, peanut butter filled pretzels; frozen corn muffin; miso mushrooms

Wow, I haven't made onigiri in months upon months!  I seriously can't remember the last time.  I tried to make these by hand really quickly this morning but gave up almost immediately and used my trusty mold instead.  But unfortunately, I think I packed way too much rice into them, because it's a bit dense... Eesh.  Wow, I just checked, and the last time I made onigiri was in October 2007... or that was the last time I ate any that I'd made (I can't tell if they were frozen at an earlier date, then put in bento). 

I didn't have a very adventurous or interesting food weekend, but it was yummy.  Ah well.

Happy bento!!!

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