Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feisty Bento #225: Vegetarian (Sandwich) Bento

Yes, another sandwich bento!  I'm serious, I'm going the whole week, even though I have no idea what to make for tomorrow's bento...

Left side: Arnold's 15 Whole Grain bread with cream cheese and fresh yellow bell pepper slices, cut into thirds
Right side (from top): Kalamata olives; last of the green bean salad; macaroni salad with parsley sprinkles for color

The yellow bell pepper was surprisingly sweet, almost like a fruit.  With the cream cheese, it was really excellent and creamy goodness, almost like a dessert, but mostly healthy (I used full-fat cream cheese, though I guess I could have used low fat).  And this is vegetarian, too!

Happy bento!!!

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