Friday, February 1, 2008

Cookie Bento #1: Lock & Lock insulated set

Okay, so there are no cookies in it, and technically it's not her first bento.  But that's what we're calling it because it is certainly the first bento of hers that is being posted here- or anywhere! 

Cookie recently went to Thailand, where there was a ton of Lock & Lock stuff, including this nifty insulated bento set.  Look familiar?  The components inside are the same as their other lunch sets, at 350 ml each, but the bag is different!  Very cute.  It includes a pocket inside for napkins or utensils, or perhaps an ice pack...

Contents: the pretty colored things are some sort of dessert/sweet with coconut, supposedly chewy (I declined a taste since I'm allergic to coconut).
Top tier: sauteed artichoke hearts with carrots.
Bottom tier: gooseberries; tofu cream cheese; wheat thins
Bottle: apple juice

I don't understand it, either- she didn't finish anything and then said she was full!  Craziness, I'd scarf that down in two seconds!  You may notice: Cookie is a vegetarian.  Bento seems to be a great option for vegetarians who are tired of eating "vegetarian" dishes that are never quite really vegetarian...

As always, happy bento, and hopefully we'll see some more bento action from Cookie soon!!!


  1. oh how way cool! i've seen this set on sites outside of the u.s. and think it is sooo cool! nice to see it in use :)

  2. Where'd you get this set? It's cute.

  3. Torankusu: as mentioned in the post, Cookie bought it in Thailand, I'm not sure where exactly in Thailand as I'm in the US! Sorry!

  4. Oh, I didn't even see that, sorry. I clicked the link to this blog from your xanga and I don't think there was much detail about the bento there, so I came here to comment and I didn't even read the entry! Sorry.