Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Feisty Bento #114: New Gear!

Remember my friend Cookie... who just went to Thailand?  Well, when she got back, not only did she bring lots of bento goodies for herself, but she brought me stuff, too!!!  Thanks Cookie!!!  This box along with a few other items (that I've yet to photograph and show you guys!) came special to me at work.  Awww!  And seriously, aside from my initial bento purchases, this is probably the soonest I've received a bento item and then used it- I got it on Friday and used it on Tuesday.  Wow.  (For some reason, I tend to hold off on or not find a lunch suited to my newest bento for a while...) 

I really like this box because it's different yet similar to all the other boxes I have.  Similar in size- though it's definitely the smallest box I have, clocking in at 450, I am hoping to lose weight more quickly than I have been, so it works out great; but different because it's much deeper since it's only one tier.  I love it!  Evidenced by my using it again today.

Left to right: roasted pine nut hummus that I forgot to sprinkle parsley on top to spice up the color scheme there; celery sticks (in layers, some you can't see!); baby carrots; grape tomatoes; heart shaped sandwiches with ham, pepper, and garlic & herb cheese spread.  Yummy!!!

Also "new" to be used today, a kinchaku that my darling friend Lilly sent me from LA.  She sent it a while back, along with a bag of - GASP - saffron that I've yet to use (I blame it all on my current status of in transition).  Thanks so much Lilly, you're a total doll<333

The kinchaku came pre-folded, sort of- it's sewn so that I just slip the bag in and then tie the top ears/flaps together, so no need for me to stand there in the morning, trying to figure out how the heck to fold a proper kinchaku.  It's pink and covered in adorable little kitties, I LOVE IT!!!  It's slightly more visually interesting than the drawstring bags I have.  Whee!!! 

As always, happy bento!  And for those Asian readers I have, happy lunar new year's eve, go out and feast big time!!!


  1. Hey Yvo,

    Thanks for the wonderful shout outs! I'm so glad that you enjoy the bento. No one else understands my plastic container craze =T

    Keep up the fantastic bentos!


  2. What a cute container...
    And those heart-shaped sandwiches probably made some delicious breakfast scraps!

  3. I like that new box of yours. And the kinkachu is great! How much fun is that?

  4. 巾着 (kinchaku) are not meant to be folded (they're basically drawstring bags or purses or money pouches).

    The piece of cloth that you are thinking about that is supposed to be folded in a certain manner is called 風呂敷 (furoshiki) and it's not very hard to fold once you get the hang of it. ^__^

    By the way, all of your bento dishes look amazingly delicious...cook for me?

    Just kidding... ^___~