Thursday, February 7, 2008

Feisty Bento #115: Lunar New Year & BEST. Boyfriend. EVER.

Hands down I have the greatest boyfriend ever.  You can try to tell me yours is better or even that you're better as a boyfriend, but I seriously doubt any of you have as great a boyfriend as I do.  It's pretty much indisputable- unless your boyfriend recently gave you or one of your family members one of his kidneys, my boyfriend is simply the best ever.  (I'm sure he would do that, too, just that the occasion thankfully hasn't arisen.) 

Just one small thing in a world of why he is fantastic: about a month ago, he went on a business trip to HQ out in San Jose.  I was meant to go with him, but as it fell the week before I wanted to move, I had to decline, even though I wound up taking the week after his trip off, and not moving.  I was extremely disappointed because I adore San Francisco, and the last time I'd gone I bought so much bento gear, and I have loved SF since the first time I went, back in 99.  If I couldn't live in NYC anymore for some bizarro reason, I'd live in SF happily.  I even actually am fairly comfortable driving- the first time I drove there, I drove from San Jose to Sausalito to San Jose to San Francisco and all around basically- alone.  The last time I went, I had FeistyMom with me, but I drove from SF to Sonoma Valley to Serramonte to ... well, all around the bento gear route comfortably with only minor snafus. 

But enough about my love of SF.  The day before he left, I jokingly suggested that I was going to hand him a list of bento gear along with a list of addresses for him to hunt down what I was currently searching for, but changed my mind when I realized he would be really busy with, well, business, and plus what if he bought the wrong thing?  I know myself and know that though it wouldn't exactly be his fault, I'd still be unhappy/upset (not at him, just overall) so I scrapped the idea and told him to forget it.  I thought he was relieved, even though I explained to him that I can't find over 90% of the stuff that's available in SF, and then showed him some items that can be found here for $6 a piece but that I bought in SF for $1.50 a piece. 

When he got back, he surprised me with the above bento set!  I was really surprised because this item was on my Amazon wishlist (which he is forbidden from viewing because he should know me better than to require looking at my list!)  While you naysayers may say- and it's true, as the links show- that this item is widely available and doesn't require traveling to SF to buy, that's so not the point.  The point is that not only did he think about me, go out of his way to purchase something for a hobby I have that he doesn't understand in the slightest, and manage to pick something I've had my eye on for a while!  How awesome is that? 

But enough of my gushing because I'm sure you're all more interested in what's inside my lunch.  Fine. 

Let it be said, though, that I adore my boyfriend, who is the most amazing boyfriend.  EVER.  In the history of the world.

Top left: vegetarian duck
Top right: grape tomatoes, 2 pieces of crispy skin pork cut into smaller bite size pieces
Lunch jar: rice with fish, tomato sauce, bell peppers, and mozzarella cheese

Today is the Lunar New Year, which means last night was meant to be a huge feast.  I'll be posting more details about my dinner last night on Feisty Foodie, but the rice is from that meal.  The vegetarian duck, which I've mentioned before, was bought from Kam Man in Chinatown; it's only one piece because their pieces are huge and appear to be filled with something besides just shiitake mushrooms.  I'm a bit nervous because it didn't look as good as the last kind... I'm going to have to hunt down the kind my mom bought and eat that one!

Before I sign off with my normal "Happy Bento" I want to leave you with a gift.  I thought of this in my half asleep daze this morning, and it is sung to the tune of "My Humps" which I think is by Black Eyed Peas or maybe just Fergie. 

"My bento, my bento, my lovely yummy bento!"

That's all I have so far, but if you have any lyrics you'd like to add, feel free to comment with them!

As always... HAPPY BENTO and to all my readers everywhere, any ethnicity, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!!!


  1. Awesome new set, awesome lunch, awesome lyrics. Great post. I enjoyed immensely! :)

  2. Haha I still maintain that my bf is the best bf ever... but maybe we can compromise in that mine is best for me and yours is best for you? :D That's really fantastic of him to think of you like that though. :)

    Happy New year!!

    Oh and I love your little song! Hehe you're a dork and adorable, but who am I to talk? I've been known to do dorkier things... :P

  3. Hahaha that's awesome. I might have the best husband in the world. Until you get married. Then we might have to rethink.

    You need to visit Daiso next time you're in the SF Bay Area. Ridiculous amounts of bento stuff for $1.50 each! I bought over $40 worth of bento stuff last time, and it was more stuff than I could carry in one armload.