Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Feisty Bento #127: Meat, meat, meat...

Top left: takuan/pickled daikon, BBQ chicken with a kick; creamed corn in the bottom left
Top right down: few pieces of crispy skin pork with sauce dabbed on; marinated squid; roast pork; duck pieces

I have a special event later this evening which means dinner will be around 9 pm or later, so I will need a snack to tide me over- here's my second/snack bento:

Sliced apples, one and a half plums (the "whole" plum is actually sliced in half and de-pitted), and my favorite, smoked almonds (you may notice the cup that the almonds are in is actually from the above Lock & Lock set instead, haha).  YUM!!!  I jostled all these items in my bag a lot this morning as I banged my head on the door in frustration after I'd locked myself out with my keys, wallet, work ID all inside.  Hah... had to wait for someone to rescue me and was subsequently late to work, but ah well, what could I do?



  1. oh i see, still you pack your food nicely i just ate and after looking at those pictures i'm hungry again,btw this is driger1778 from xanga

  2. Oh, that sucks! At least you had someone that could rescue you!