Monday, March 31, 2008

Feisty Bento #143: Leftovers Galore!

roasted a chicken on Friday night for the sole purpose of making roasted chicken stock.

nice, even slices of the breast, good for sandwiches.

Saturday breakfast- bacon egg and cheese on a roll, homemade.

Dinner on Saturday night: fried chicken at a Southern restaurant

Red Velvet cake at the same restaurant.  Disappointing to say the least.

Dinner on Sunday: started off with two dozen oysters, among other things.

My fried fried fried platter.  Need to quit the fried foods lately.

When it rains, it pours.  Last week I couldn't get protein to save my life, and this week my fridge is packed and I'm worried about the stuff going bad.  Ah well, such is life, you prepare for the worst and instead get lots of yummy goodies to choose from.

Top tier: leftover fried chicken from Saturday night's dinner, shredded/hand torn; cucumber salad
Bottom tier: succotash from the same restaurant as the chicken; chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels from Trader Joe's; mini-meatloaf

Review of the restaurant forth-coming!

And the cucumber salad had a few additions: juice of half a lemon, minced garlic and finely sliced onions, minus the red pepper flakes because I don't have any.  But still delicious, and tastes amazingly similar to tzatziki sauce, the white sauce on gyros and many street-meats.

Happy bento!

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  1. Okay, these posts you have been doing with all the different pictures of food are just blowing my mind. They give me great ideas. :)