Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Feisty Bento #144: Cucumbers Galore

Top tier: mini meatloaf; roasted chicken Bottom tier: cucumber salad; succotash; homemade pickled cabbage; chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels

The recipe for the roasted chicken is coming soon, I promise! I'm falling a bit behind in the things I need to post, but it'll come... it'll come! I just have been really busy at work and trying to fix everything at home is cutting into my ME time... oops!

Also, I will be home awaiting my couch delivery tomorrow, so no bento tomorrow! Browse around my older bentos - start at the beginning, even - and see how they've progressed... from alright to fantastic and now just okay (because I'm always in a rush in the mornings now!). Haha. It happens~

As always, HAPPY BENTO!!!


  1. You might think your bentos are just "okay," but I like looking at everyone you post. Mainly, because you pack such much protein, or several sources (diff types of meat etc). I still pack my bentos like a full little meal. I'm working on the more protein thing since that's what my diet/health requires. Enjoy the new couch!

  2. I love the little rabbit container. So cute.