Monday, April 14, 2008

Feisty Bento #151: Weekend Recap & Cheap Food

Friday night: hit up Chinatown with Cookie to find bento stuff, had shabu shabu (YUM!) at Quickly, then back to my place to give her all of my empty boxes. Woohoo! She also showed me a couple of awesome places in C-town, including the cheap tofu/soy milk/and surprise, ha-mai-cheung place... and a Chinese bakery that has all the bao for 3/$1 after 6 pm! w00t w00t, perfect snacks!

Ha mai cheung makes an awesome breakfast! (Dried shrimp rolled in rice noodles with scallions, that I dip into a combination sauce - you steam the noodles and they are oh-so-good!)

My Saturday consisted of waiting for Crate & Barrel to deliver (which they never did), attempting to go outside as much as possible to enjoy the weather, eating from the nearby pizzeria just to see if it's any good (not bad, though we didn't have pizza, haha), and then going to see Superhero Movie (which SUCKED ASS, omgs we hoped it would be a good mocking of all the superhero movies lately, but the jokes were lame and uh they basically took the entire plot of Spiderman 1 (and part of 2, sort of), and used no-name actors with a sprinkling of really bad jokes. Oh, and a teensy bit of X-men references were added in, but not very funny ones. BOOOOO).

Sunday!!! I froze my ass off for this:

(I took out any identifying information for very good reasons: paranoia. I'm going to be there every Sunday we've got a home game, y'know! Trust that I have good seats, though!)

Got this sweet picture of David winding up and Suppan throwing the ball. Unfortunately, this was not right before David's solo homer, and we lost after being up 4 runs... really disappointing. And really cold! I may bring a blanket to the next game...

Afterwhich, went to the sibs house for a late bday dinner of Kyochon chicken... more grease in my tummy...

Lunch, courtesy of a place next to the bus that I took to get to Shea Stadium (then transferring to the 7). The reason I've got a rock in my stomach: I packed some of the noodles (which were $1.25 for this HUGE container! gosh I love buying cheap food in Chinatown/Flushing, I almost forget why I hate going there... oh, right, the people who won't MOVE out of my way!) and what wouldn't fit went right into my belly for breakfast. Eesh, very oily these were... and a bit soft, which sucks. I love a good takeout lo mein, even with the oil/grease. The dumplings were $1/4, which isn't the cheapest there is, but oh well...

Left to right: veggie lo mein; fried dumplings (I think it's pork/cabbage inside)

Terrible picture, but this is what I walked up to this morning - right outside my office. I'll see if I can snag a better picture while I'm out for lunch.

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  1. Flushing is great and I love the cheap foodstuffs the area has to offer. There's this one cafe/restaurant that I rave about for their Fried Instant Noodles (This Type) mixed with ham, bell peppers, bean sprouts, eggs etc. and it's fairly cheap at $5.25. The portion is humngo, so you're gurantee to get the best bang for your bucks. The address is 41-53 Main St., a block away from the Main St Post Office.

    *I don't work for them nor do I own the place, I just love sharing food related information!* :)