Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Feisty Bento #159: Back 2 Bento

I forgot my camera at home yesterday, which is why there was no post.  Also, Feisty Bento #158 forever will be lost to y'all; it wasn't a real bento and I didn't take a picture.  I slipped a container of Greek yogurt with honey, a freezy pack, a Crunch dark chocolate stick, and a small bag of potato chips into an insulated bag.  That was it.  *shrug*

The view out the bus window when I was going home on Monday night (around 7:15 pm).  Can't really see the rain pouring down, but this is along the FDR Drive, looking out over the East River.  Dreary... but the sun is sort of out today!  I jumped the gun and wore heeled sandals, a skirt, and am freezing.

My dinner on Monday night.  Yea there're noodles under there, udon, perfect in the rainy weather.  Something about ramen/udon in soup that I just love when it's rainy and chilly out.  (Trader Joe's "boolgooki" as they call it [sesame etc. marinated meat that I threw on a hot pan to quickly cook through, so soft and sooo flavorful!], baby bok choi, and XO dumplings, which are a mixture of pork, cabbage, and spicy chiles, I think that's a Taiwanese dumpling? my brother buys these by the frozen bagful and a while back, I took a bag for myself, over frozen udon, cooked in a broth with Shiitake mushrooms, a bit of soy sauce)

And now, some funny pictures for you guys...

At NY Comicon 2007 - it's not the greatest picture of the hat, but my bunny hat! 

I am the Bunny Ninja!

You know... this hat.

The hat I bought at NY Comicon 2008... lol.  My eyes are a little unfocused because I took my glasses off to take the picture (I usually wear contacts, but this was late at night).  And if you recognize the pose, umm... stop stalking me!  (That was my birthday/Halloween costume last year - see link - and when I got drunk, I kept imitating her because I thought it was so hysterical.)

What you're really here for, though, is bento!  I should stick to just bentos, I'm sure you guys are getting bored of everything else... right?

Two maple honey turkey sandwiches on 15 grain bread (Arnold's; the label swears that it's whole grain, not just 15 grains! something you should check for when you buy multi-grain bread) with cilantro mayo, cut into dinosaurs and hearts.  Mini orange bell peppers along the top with grape tomatoes, baby carrots on the bottom, and in the middle, one wedge of Garlic & Herb cheese for the veggies, along with three Laughing Cow light swiss cheese cubes (there's one hiding underneath the wedge that you can't see). 

I actually have been really remiss with bento'ing, which you guys know very well and I feel kind of badly about it.  I've been struggling to juggle sleeping enough with waking up in time to walk the dog before I leave with a lot of things, and my bentos were the first to suffer as a direct result of my inability to juggle all these things.  In any case, today's bento makes me feel really happy because, well, it seems like a step back in the right direction.  Hopeully it will continue in this fashion. 

A nod to Not Exactly Bento combined with my old standby - BE THE HAPPY BENTO!!!  Hahahaha... that makes me giggle like a fool.

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