Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Feisty Bento #148: The FBI wants MY opinion

This is turning into a straight out photo-blog...

On the bus home last night, I saw this.  Note the old man carting a TV behind him.  That's a Sony Bravia 32".  Those things are NOT LIGHT.  ***OK... I just looked it up... I have the 40" and I thought it was like 100 lbs. when I tried to lift it... but these things are only 50~ lbs.  FINE I AM A WEAKLING OKAY.  I still thought it was funny that this old guy, clearly on his way to Chinatown, was carting his Bravia (from, presumably, J&R) like it ain't no thang...

My plants are doing fine; when I got home, though, this was stuck to my door.

Because I don't want to get arrested or anything, I removed all of the identifying information from it (thus the ugly black blotches because I suck at editing photos).  So apparently someone who used to live in my apartment building is applying for a position with the FBI!  No, I don't know if it's FBI, but how cool and weird is that?  I don't know the guy, so I'm debating calling back and when I should... I'm a little freaked out that I'll be talking directly to a Special Agent!  I think it's so cool!!!  (I actually don't know why I got this - it hasn't my name on it, so I guess these are the random background checks as opposed to the people s/he listed as references.)  I know so many people who want to be in the FBI, too! 

(Mint & Basil are doing fine, but not much progress to report, so.)

Also waiting for me in my mailbox was a package from someone, inside which were these two boxes:

Hmm.... and inside each box were the cutest little business cards!  www.moo.com - I may want to order business card holders for these, they're so cute!  Each one has a different picture on the back - you can choose your own or choose from theirs, though since someone else made these for me, I don't know where the photos came from - it's an entire assortment, though I chose which to photograph.

It was a sweet surprise, but unfortunately my last name was included, so I have to seriously consider how I will use these cards, or if I'll just start using my full name as my parents intended. 

Dinner!  Couldn't resist picking up a container when I was there on Sunday.

It was actually really, really good, and you know how picky I am about my clam chowder?  (Though that post doesn't tell you about my love of clam chowder, not really anyway...)  I ate the whole container, even though it's about 1,000 calories, and I had some toasted baguette to dip in it as well.  Oh well, I will have to start running again to work this fat layer off.

I finished off the night, while watching random TV shows (does anyone watch Dirt, with Courteney Cox?  I just started it, even though it was the 2nd to last episode of the 2nd season, and really like it; I think I'm going to rent it to watch from the beginning, it's pretty good/interesting), drinking a glass of Silk Chocolate soy milk (I didn't fill the glass because the glass is HUGE and I try not to drink more than one serving of caloried drinks, at a time or per day...).  Wow, talk about rich, creamy and smooth.  Seriously, I really like the stuff, though I find it pretty expensive (I had a coupon for it).  Try it!  It's super chocolatey but not in an overpoweringly sweet way... just right for a nice little snack by itself or maybe with some potato chips... even, if you're into sweets, with some cookies or such!

Another half glass for breakfast this morning.  Yummy!!!  My doctored bottle of water - I've been buying and loving Lipton Green Tea To Go (Citrus); I'm not a fan of drinking plain water, so this adds a bit of flavor, anti-oxidants, and makes the water taste good so I can drink my 4 bottles/8 glasses a day!  So far, I'm up to 3 bottles... which is close, but no cigar, boo.  (I've already drank 1.5 bottles for the day, though, and the 2nd bottle that I'm halfway through is plain water, so yay me!)

And of course, here's my bento!

Top tier: steamed spinach with a bit of lemon; three slices of Fuji apple (last time they didn't brown much, and I really don't mind, so I don't bother with dipping them to prevent browning); three chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels
Bottom tier: cucumber hearts; BBQ chicken (same as yesterday's), and underneath, a slice of white bread soaking up all the excess sauce, so yum!

Happy BENTO! still the main focus of my site!


  1. Yay! for the photo blog. I'm freaked out on your behalf about the FBI "summons." Love the mini-moo cards. Way cool. I want some of their stickers. ;)

  2. I was pretty bummed about the full name on the cards too. It pretty much means I'm not going to be using them - which I hate, cause I love them!