Thursday, April 3, 2008

Feisty Bento #145: Healthy - Wholesome Lunchbox!

(taken with my BlackBerry camera) Part of my new couch. Keywee's already decided she loves the couch! She jumped right up and got comfy. It's microvelvet, super plush, and I got an armchair to match as well. Which is wide enough - not quite a "chair and a half" as is the rage right now - but at 5'8, I can still easily tuck my legs up next to me and squish in for some reading; I put it by the window.

My breakfast sandwich yesterday - after the couch came (right on time- they got a nice tip!), I made myself this. Baby bellas, baby spinach, two eggs, and two slices of cheese on a roll. It only looks ginormous because it was lopsided, I swear there isn't much egg on the other side (I wanted to take a nice picture!).

Dinner - my diet has been veggie-poor lately so I'm trying to fix that by eating extra veggies. Plus the baby spinach was about to go bad, and I just bought regular spinach (79c a bunch, gotta love the Asian markets, though I'll have to wash those extra carefully!), so I used it all up - from left to right, steamed Napa cabbage, steamed baby spinach and par-boiled bok choy with a squirt of hoi sin sauce (my mom calls it Chinese ketchup) for flavor.

You didn't think I ate only veggies for dinner did you? Frozen udon cooked in some of the roasted chicken stock from the other day; tossed a sandwich bag of previously frozen chicken curry (frozen with bento in mind, but, hey, why not?) in with it and voila, curry noodles. SO GOOD. I mixed it with some of the broth to thin it out and make it more soupy, which is not a good idea if you're wearing white. I'm just sayin'.

And now, bento: I'm trying out this sandwich box again. We'll see how it goes...

Dinosaur-shaped sandwich (stacked two deep) (same cutter as Lunch in a Box, yup!) with roasted chicken slices, American cheese, and mayo; cucumber salad; homemade pickled Napa cabbage; and steamed Napa cabbage (told you, I'm trying to increase my veggie intake!); chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels for gap fillers and as a sweet end to my meal.

And half a Fuji apple on the side as well. I didn't have time so I didn't dip this into acidulated water to prevent browning, but I don't mind, it's just me who's eating it anyway.

On the trying to be healthier note, this is my entry for the Wholesome Lunchbox event!


  1. woohoo Yvo. Great looking lunch. And those breakfast sandwiches are making me totally salivate each day that you post 'em.

  2. Thank you for your entry Ivo :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Margot

  3. love your new couch! your pup seems pretty content on it too. =) i was pretty squeamish too when the doc explained how the procedure was done. just thinking about someone going in my eye just doesn't sit well. *yuck*

  4. oh, btw, just looking at that picture of your curry udon is making me drool. =D