Friday, April 11, 2008

Feisty Bento #150: Friday Lunch Bento and Bento for Blood

My friend's sandwich yesterday.  Yes, I took a picture of my friend's glorious lunch.

MY glorious sandwich yesterday (the reason why I didn't post a bento).  The weather was so nice we went outside for sandwiches and to bask in the glorious sun!

Ok, so does anyone know what the hell?  I bought these for what I thought was super cheap at $1.49/lb. and decided, since (my dog) Keywee's 6th birthday is on Sunday, I would roast them (and eat the marrow), use them for stock, then give her the bones.  I roasted them, the marrow came right out and I put it in a container, and will make stock tomorrow morning, but now I'm reading that you're not supposed to give cooked bones to dogs.  I ALWAYS give her cooked bones!  Should I not fill the hollow with peanut butter and give it to her then?!  WTF? 

***I would go buy her some raw ones but I got these at Stew Leonard's which is not very closeby to me.

Another something I picked up there on Sunday.

Dinner - the other half of my sandwich from lunch, a half glass of Silk SoyMilk, and a bowl of lobster bisque.

BBQ short ribs (see previous posts this week!), rice, cucumbers, baby bell peppers with hummus...

Snack bento - because I was going to give blood today (but they wouldn't let me, again, because I went to Argentina this time!) - one chocolate chip cookie, broken in half, half of a sugar cookie, chocolate covered peanut butter pretzel, and a dark chocolate covered marshmallow...

Look at my baby tomato sprouts!  They were white, now they're green and growing as fast as they can.  No- they're not hairy, though the seeds were!

No real change for Mint & Basil... doesn't look like I'll be eating fresh basil anytime soon.  Boo.

Seriously, help me with the beef marrow thing.

Have a great weekend everyone and as always, HAPPY BENTO!!!


  1. Oh - I thought it was only cooked poultry bones that you couldn't give to animals - certainly the pet shops round here sell roasted beer and pork bones especially for dogs!

  2. Bones dry out and become more brittle once cooked. The problem can be that when crunched by a pooch the bones break up with sharp edges that have the possibility of punching into delicate internal organs. This is a subject of great debate for dog owners. Of course, poultry bones are the worst for this since they are hollow and shatter so easily.

    Raw bones when chewed don't break into such sharp edges so digest much easier. I'd say it's up to you.

    Lovely bentos and sandwich btw. And what do you do with the marrow? Eat it straight? I've never heard of taking it out and eating it. Now, I'm really curious on how it is consumed.

  3. Did you use a camera phone or a digital camera to capture the pictures of the sandwiches? The pictures are quite clear.

  4. Chak - comments are disabled on your site, but I used my digital camera in a lot of natural daylight, hence the awesome picture.

  5. Your blog makes me so hungry. :)

    I don't know how big your dog is, but I never give my dog bones. I'm always afraid she'll choke on them or something. So, for a special treat I'll cook up some chicken liver and give it to her. She's happy and I don't have to worry about it being a choking hazard.

  6. I don't know about the bones. THe only ones my dog eats are green and about 25 bucks a pound :P
    I know raw chicken bones are supposed be good for dogs but the idea skeeves me out. I'd have to make her eat them in the bathtub or something.
    Good call on breaking the cookie in half. All the calories run out that way you know :)