Monday, April 28, 2008

Feisty Bento #157: Rainy Day Bento

My weekend in food... and fun!

Mmm... bacon and mounds of finely grated hard Italian cheeses...

On my homemade pizza, that's where!

PASTA... more cheese... but vegetarian!

The now-famous frittata... why famous? CUZ I BURNED MY HAND WHILE MAKING IT...

Yet another Sunday spent doing what I love best...

Watching my DW wind up... that cute lil ass... that hot body!!! and, of course, what a gentleman he is... I just wanna scoop him up and hug him when he's mad... awww...

And my bento for today. Absolutely perfect on this rainy shitty day.

In the jar: chicken curry under a rice cap, of course! In the left cup: three pieces of vegetarian duck In the right cup: two creamed corn croquettes and a lil ketchup bottle of tonkatsu sauce

The pizza - I took bacon, chopped it up, crisped it, then drained and set it aside (I reserve bacon fat for my own cooking purposes... yum!). A while back, I'd bought Trader Joe's Parmesan Garlic flatbread with the intention of making a pizza... unfortunately, somehow all of the mozzarella in my fridge went bad (while none of the other cheeses in my cheese drawer were affected, thankfully!), so I just plopped the bacon on top with tons of grated Romano and Parmesan... yum!!!

Happy bento! (Details on the pasta, frittata, etc. to come on Feisty Foodie)


  1. Another delish looking meal. :)

  2. your posts these days with the various food pictures drive my taste buds wild! lovely looking everything.