Friday, April 25, 2008

Feisty Bento #156: SPEEDy Bento

In lieu of bento yesterday!  I only ate half.  This entire sandwich cost me $8.50.

The other half, for dinner, eaten in front of both my laptop and the TV (watching Scrubs & The Office).

Super hurry this morning, so not a great bento.  I had nothing in the fridge!  I actually randomly pulled out the carrots and with only 20 minutes to go until I had to leave, I yanked frozen croquettes out of the freezer and fried them really quickly.

Potato croquette; baby carrots (will grab dressing in the cafeteria later); two creamed corn croquettes; tonkatsu sauce (there isn't that much in there, but since I like dipping, it seemed like a good idea to use a bigger container, plus my stuff fit exactly right with that container in there!).

Have a FANTASTIC weekend and a happy bento to everyone!!!

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