Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Feisty Bento #149: Graffiti, Sprouts, and Bento

Walking to the bus stop this morning, I saw this, and was annoyed.

Stupid punk @$$ teenagers!  (If you don't see it, look again.  No, look again, I'll wait.  It's THERE.)

Look closely!

Look at those things shoot up!  I tried to count and there's like 20-30 little things sprouting up in there (I admit, I added some extra mint and basil seeds I had lying around... hehe).  Dang.  There's barely any light in my bathroom except when I turn on the light, because the window is in the shower and I keep the shower curtain closed so the plastic liner can dry while I'm at work... but tons of heat because the steampipe produces like mad.  I'm so excited!  I only planted these lil suckers, what, on Saturday or Sunday?  It's Wednesday!  Works fast...

And you know what?  It makes me happy to see them sprouting up like that.  My Easter lilies died and I feel so bad about it.  The plant is fine, but the flowers just went poomph and died.  It actually makes me feel badly that they died.  That's the kind of person I am.  So I'm super excited that I just brought all these other little baby plants into the world!

Left to right: steamed spinach with a lemon "twist" on top; rice pilaf I picked up from my office cafeteria last night (I worked until 8:45pm); the last of the BBQ chicken, with a cucumber star for garnish.

I'm so hungry, I think I'll go eat this now!


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  1. What? You got something against rocket ships or something?

    Aren't those Easter flowers supposed to die? I thought that was normal...