Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feisty Bento #152: Courtesy of My Brother-in-Law

Have you ever jabbed yourself in the eye really hard while trying to push up your glasses, because you're not wearing glasses, you're wearing contacts for the first time in ages

... yeah, me neither...

In a much better mood than yesterday, which was a horrible day, totally crap.  My neck tensed up and I've still got this weird knot in my neck - if you look at it, it's a bright red spot about 2" x 4" (a rough circle).  It hurts and I can't really turn my head to the right.  Yowch.  But still, in a good mood.  Amazing what being productive does for me; last night, I managed to (this list is not intended to impress anyone, but for my own journaling purposes): walk the dog, put away the laundry!, wash all of the dishes and completely empty the sink (which I filled again this morning making lunch), wipe down the countertops and scrub the sink, make myself dinner with enough leftover for lunch today, chop the green onions into a container (so that I'll use them instead of forgetting I have them or being too lazy to take them out to chop), clean up the living room a bit, respond to side-job-related emails, and watch a little TV.  Phew!  That makes me happy!!!

Dinner last night. I did the portobello mushrooms the French way- with half a stick of butter (there were more mushrooms than that, don't worry, I am not THAT insane!). 

My breakfast... the reason I'm a fatty.  Actually, when I was losing all that weight, I reversed my meals and started off with a huge breakfast (usually dinner items, which you may find gross, but I didn't), had bento for lunch, and then a small dinner... I've gained back some of that weight I fought to lose, so I have to change something.  Boo.

Top tier: portobello mushrooms sauteed in a bit of butter; cabbage stir fried with garlic and onions (courtesy of my brother in law); carrots cooked in I think butter (also courtesy of my brother in law) with green onions sprinkled on top - see, using them already!
Bottom tier: hummus; cucumbers; sliced rib eye (courtesy of my brother in law)

Can you tell I went to my sister's house on Sunday and took home lots of leftovers?  Hahaha.  I love it.  Expect to see more of the same veggies the rest of the week :P

Happy BENTO!!!


  1. Eating a humungo breakfast and finishing off the day with a small dinner is the way to go!

    BTW, what kind of bisque was that in picture 2?

  2. *drool* i love mushroom sauteed in butter! it just isn't the same cooked any other way. =D thanks for the comment on my piggy cake! next week is cupcake decorating and i can't wait to post pics of all the different designs!

  3. I eat dinner for breakfast, and breakfast for dinner, quite often - does that make me strange? :P

    Mmm, now I wish I had bought fresh mushrooms when I bought groceries today... D:

  4. Hi,

    Just a short note that you have been awarded with "E for Excellent" Award :)


    Ciao, Margot