Monday, April 7, 2008

Feisty Bento #147: Weekend in Pictures

My weekend, in pictures:

Special event @ Megu

Pretty presentation, but not one I haven't seen or tasted before at other restaurants

"Kobe" beef lit on fire

Overall, a hugely mediocre dinner.  I probably will not review it because it was a sake paired dinner, the pictures are all crap, and the food was barely mediocre, really disappointing.

After I'd loaded up on sake, though, and headed home via subway, I waited a long time for the train and thought to snap a phone pic of this:

Ignore the passengers, look at the guys on the tracks!  What if you're super fat?  Does your belly get grazed?  (The train was approaching after an interminable 20 minute wait, which is why they stepped back, but before that, they'd been cleaning the tracks.)

If you compare with the pictures on Friday, Basil is shooting up already (they are now both in the living room since they've sprouted and don't need excess warmth).  These are from Saturday afternoon; I was amazed since Basil was barely sprouted on Friday.  Maybe that's why Mint has a wistful look on his face?

Dinner on Saturday night; I hadn't the time to make some veggies or starch to go with it (struggling to make do without a rice cooker for now, even though I didn't think I ate that much rice...).  Left is short ribs, right is chicken thighs cooked in some of the same sauce.

After a long day of shopping on Sunday, dinner: fried chicken and

lobster bisque.  They hadn't any (hot) clam chowder unfortunately (they only had containers for you to buy and take home to heat up yourself).

Taken this morning.  Look how much Basil is shooting up, and there's more sprouts coming!  AWESOME!  I will be eating fresh basil soon enough... my preciousss....

Basil close up

Anddd... surprise!  In the space on my bathroom shelf left vacant by Mint & Basil's move to the living room, this box now sits next to my steampipe.  Qu'est-ce que c'est? 

I went to CVS and saw these on sale for just under $4, and supposedly tomatoes will sprout.  So I put it in the warmest spot in my apartment, next to the steampipe in my bathroom, and we'll see what sprouts up, whee!!!  So cute, right?  It came with the lil rake looking thing next to it in the first picture.

Bad weekend for my wallet.


This terrible picture doesn't do the bag justice.  It's gorgeous.  *happy sigh*  My first large fashion purchase, anyway, and as my sister said, "Well, you bring lunch to work every day, you deserve a treat!  What's the point of all the money you save otherwise?!"

And now, no eating out for a month; great way to lose weight.

Well, here's today's breakfast, purchased 5 for $5.  Not a bad deal, eh?

And for lunch! 

Top tier: steamed spinach with a lemon slice on top; BBQ chicken adjacent with a piece of short ribs on the bottom right
Bottom tier: French baguette toasted (stacked two deep) with roasted pine nut hummus in between

Happy bento everyone!!!

PS I hope you guys enjoy the extra pictures - I wasn't sure if I should start including them but when I did, a few people said they like them, so why not?  It makes my life seem slightly more exciting ;)


  1. I personally love the extra pictures. I've never been to New York and would love to one day go and visit the city. Your pictures and stories about life around the city I find fascinating. Keep sharing! :)

  2. That is a gorgeous bag:) What brand is it? I think every woman needs a beautiful bag...I finally bought myself my first designer handbag this year for my birthday.

  3. oOo, the short ribs look really good. Do you have a recipe for it? =)