Friday, April 4, 2008

Feisty Bento #146: Mint & Basil

Remember Mint & Basil? Well, they're finally starting to show some sprouts. So I took some pictures. I cracked Mint a few days before Basil, so I'm hoping Basil will catch up to Mint because I don't cook with mint (I only like mint with chocolate), but I LOVE fresh basil and it's hard for me to buy (goes bad very quickly, and is expensive). Yummm.... next I want to try growing tomato plants, small ones... whee!!!

Lighting is off because it was rainy this morning; I should have taken them yesterday but Basil wasn't showing as much.

Here's Mint. I love how the leaves look slightly heart shaped, or when I'm looking at them, they do. He's got a crack down the left side of his face because when I initially was tapping to break him open, nothing was happening so I went THWACK and nothing happened but a big crack down the side of his face. Whoops. Sorry!

Close up of Mint

Basil - this was taken in my bathroom because that's as the warmest spot in my apartment (next to a steam pipe), that's where he is. I read that in the beginning stages, warmth is more important than sunlight, but Mint is thriving so I moved him out to the living room where there's plenty of light (but by the window, it's not as warm as in my bathroom). There are only two little sprouts so far, but I'm hoping more are making their way up through the debris (that weird tissue paper looking thing came in the thing, and it said not to remove it, it has nutrients, so, okay...).

Another chicken sandwich, this one cut up into hearts courtesy of Cookie (of Cookie Bento fame) - she always sees cute bento things and picks them up for me, thank you darling!!!; chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels as gap-fillers, and par-boiled bok choy in the little cup for veggies.

As always, happy bento!!!

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  1. Oooh! I am so excited about your herbs. :0)

    I just planted veggies, herbs and flowers yesterday to start inside. Basil, oregano, cilantro and thyme... among others. I will be posting pictures when they start to sprout. :0)