Monday, March 24, 2008

Feisty Bento #138: VEGETARIAN bento

What I did this weekend, a pictorial account:

5 meatballs for $8.  Part 1 of my solo dinner Thursday (Adrienne's)
Good, meaty but soft, and super tasty.

Best pizza in the cityYes, I lay that claim.

Look how thin that is.  Part 2 of my solo dinner on Thursday.

My lunch on Friday

"Bool gooki" from Trader Joe's

Pan fried with onions and its juices, then layered on sandwich rolls with American cheese.
So good, I could have cried.  I ate two of them.

My breakfast on Saturday

Bacon/lardons scrambled with eggs

Layered on top of slices of American cheese inside "fresh baked" ficelle from Trader Joe's
(it's bread that's par-baked and you finish it off.  I love this kind of bread, it's so good!)

***Yes I ate the entire thing, and promptly did not eat again until maybe 8 pm.

My two Crack-a-heads... left is Mint, right is Basil.
Why'd I name them that?
Because... it's supposed to grow Mint and the other is Basil, duh!
Cross your fingers, so far nothing's happening...

Best. Boyfriend. EVER.

Because we were fighting and he still bought me dark chocolate covered marshmallows!
(I love chocolate covered marshmallows. These are gourmet, hand dipped from this specialty chocolate shop in Queens, but I do love the cheap kind that come in styrofoam "egg cartons" as well... yum!)

flowers taking a ride in the car before being given

close up
(forgot to take a pic of the orchids I also bought)

Easter dinner: clockwise, from bottom left
roasted loin of pork, so soft and succulently juicy, yummm.
broccoli, corn,
twice baked potato with bits of garlic crunchy like an onion but garlic goodness. DELICIOUS.
(I only get to eat these two items- the twice baked potatoes and the roasted loin of pork- maybe 2-3 times a year, so it is very special to me.)

to counter all the meat consumption, a vegetarian bento.

Top tier: vegetarian duck; edamame
Bottom tier: black beans, beans, burdock root, mini bell peppers stuffed with garlic & herb Laughing Cow light swiss cheese spread, a single chocolate covered peanut butter pretzel (I see these on other bento sites so often I HAD to buy a bag while I was at Trader Joe's). 

I think this is the first time I've included chocolate in my bento!  I normally don't because I prefer savory items, so one guess what time of the month it is for me (I eat chocolate, literally, about once a month; rarely, it'll be for a few days in a row but still, once a month).

Happy bento!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh! What a post! I'm so hungry now. Everything looks so good I don't know where to start. But those breakfast sandwiches (is that right?). Holy cow! How good were those? They look absolutely delicious.