Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feisty Bento #128: Need for Speed Losing Weight

From left to right: marinated squid (store-bought), homemade creamed corn, BBQ chicken

Yesterday's creamed corn, because of my insane digging through my bag searching for keys that weren't there, jumped all over my food.  I'm hoping today's stays put... though I don't deny its deliciousness mixed with stuff!  I also have a plum I de-pitted but I shoved into a sandwich bag because I was running late. 

I am also starting to get sick of the creamed corn, if only because I'm worried about how fat it's making me...



  1. Is that my creamed corn? You still eating it??? LOL.

  2. More creamed corn?? LOL. Girl you must love the stuff! Come visit San Antonio and I'll take you to Rudy's BBQ.