Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Feisty Bento #202: Good eating is not just for weekends anymore

And now, more food (dinner last night at my sister's house):

Stuffed artichokes

Deviled eggs

LOBSTERRR straight from Maine!

Shrimp macaroni salad... yumm... so good... and I don't even like shrimp normally but it's really good like this!  (I also have a fondness for shrimp potato salad I had once upon a time... swoon...)

Captain's Chowder... don't remember what goes in this, but it was uber 'lish.  YUM.

Well, this is what happens when you have dinner with my family.  Not photographed: strip steaks; sweet corn on the cob; green beans; grilled peppers; grilled homegrown tomatoes; grilled chicken; watermelon; cookies... Yes, we all eat very well indeed.  Props to my bro for providing the lobsters & chowder (driving them down from Maine himself!); props to BF for the strip steaks & bell peppers; props to my sister's in-laws for providing the delicious mac salad and fresh sweet corn; and the rest, to my sister and brother-in-law :)


Top tier: grilled chicken thigh, not sure how my sister prepped it; the super 'lish shrimp macaroni salad
Bottom tier: grilled homegrown tomato; green beans with fu yu (fermented fish; it's not as gross as it sounds, it's just slightly salty)


Also, more shots of my gorgeous flowers (in a proper vase this time).  Am I supposed to do something with them?  They seem to be fading fast... :(



  1. Holy Cow! What an amazing dinner and bento. I'm jealous. LOL!

  2. mmm- i'm drooooling :o/

    pretty flowers!! you can make 'em last longer if you stick 'em in the fridge like when you're at work and stuff (although they look kinda too big to fit)... and you can also pick one or two to stick in the freezer :O) - although then you can only see them when you look in the freezer (but that's still nice, i think)

  3. Orchids love humidity, so spritz them with cool H2O daily, keep out of direct sun and heat. Hope this helps you, my orchids usally last for at least two weeks.