Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Feisty Bento #210: Cucumber salad

Dinner last night - chicken cutlet, mac&cheese (boxed, per the BF's request), and salted, thinly sliced cucumbers.

Top tier: chicken cutlet, sliced up; cucumber salad
Bottom tier: miso mushrooms; sauteed spinach

The cucumber salad was tweaked a bit to get here.  I omitted the mayo, for one, but the coolest part for me was cutting the cucumbers paper-thin.  I peeled it like normal, cut off the ends, and then used this to zip through the entire cucumber.  Initially, when I'd purchased that slicer months ago, I'd been disappointed to find that a normal cucumber did not fit easily into the holder, and that it didn't seem to slice too well.  But last night, I removed the holder and just held the cucumber carefully, zipped right through the entire thing, creating paper-thin - I could read through them, if I so chose - slices that salted and gave off their water so easily.  Brilliant.  I'll be adding a bit of garlic and onion, also sliced super thin, tonight, to complete its transformation to "something similar to tzatziki, but not quite".  Yummers! 

As for the chicken cutlet, well, my recipe is so much of a non-recipe that I am not going to share it, despite the delicious factor being so high that BF routinely requests these for dinner (and I routinely deny him, haha). 

Happy bento~!

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