Friday, August 1, 2008

Feisty Bento #200: Happy 200th!

Happy 200 bentos to me!

Top tier: sirloin steak; "confetti" around it is marinated cucumbers and tomatoes
Bottom tier: kickin' chicken; baby carrots; roasted pine nut hummus; cucumber sticks

By popular request, kickin' chicken!  I got the 3rd comment after I'd already packed this and left the house, so unfortunately, I couldn't incorporate that into my bento.  Sorry!  There are a LOT of things I've never put in my bento... let's say... frog?  Hehe... before Tuesday, I'd never put sweet Italian sausage in my bento!  So, I don't know :)

Honestly, I bought chicken thighs the other day, unsure of what I'd make with them, but I am happy to report that my tummy is happy with the choice of kickin' chicken!  Also: I am an idiot.  I bought a package of chicken thighs that looked skinless (and my mind assumed they were therefore, also boneless).  $1.89/lb.  I opened it up and it turns out the skin was pulled back and tucked under!  The sticker didn't actually SAY boneless/skinless, so I guess they're not lying per se, but totally deceiving!  There was bone, too!  (I don't mind bone-in chicken, or skin-on.  But for my lazy ways, it's so much easier to deal with kickin' chicken - the pulling-apart step - with boneless/skinless chicken.  I just wound up taking the skin off after this was cooked... and popping it into my mouth anyway =X baddd Yvo.) 

I can't believe I'm up to 200 though.  It took me about 6 months to get to 100, and I guess just a little over 6 months again to get to 200.  Ahhh, how time flies when you're eating well!  

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!  Don't forget to enter my contest if you haven't already! 

On a personal note, happy five year anniversary to my sweetness!


PS This bento also was totally awesome because it took me all of 5 minutes to pack.  :)


  1. Happy 200th!!!!!
    I really enjoy your blogs.

  2. YAY! Congrats on bento #200. Totally awesome looking and looks way tasty too.

  3. Yay 200! I think Kickin' Chicken was totally the right choice :( And that whole chicken fake out would totally piss me off and I'd probably refuse to go back to that store for at least like a month. Cause I'm bad ass like that.

  4. I'm stoked that you did chose the kickin' chicken... so yummy! Congratz!

  5. How evil of them to deceive!!! Grr!

    It'd be funny to see a pair of frog legs hanging off the side of your bento. ;)