Monday, August 25, 2008

Feisty Bento #212: Weekend Update

More weekend envy?

Friday's lunch - full write up to come on Feisty Foodie

The yummiest part of Friday night's dinner - full write up to come on Feisty Foodie

Saturday's one plate of food - full write up to come on Feisty Foodie, and the FEISTY is about to rear her bitchy head

Sunday's lunch - no write up, this was the Hebrew National footlong at Shea Stadium... no snap!

Look who's signing autographs before the game started!  It's Jose Reyes, what a nice guy... he doesn't have to do that, you know!

Obligatory photo of my future hubby at bat.

And another - notice the change in angle?  A friend of mine, whom I rarely see since she gave birth (but yes, part of the Birthday Bunch), had tickets with her husband over by first base, so after a few disappointing innings, I went to sit with her and play with the adorable baby.  Who promptly fell asleep, heh. 

Dinner on Sunday night.  That's not a lemon, it's a mini corn muffin.  BF wasn't too keen on it, took one bite and that was it.  Oh well.  I'm trying to feed the boy, he woefully continues to lose weight from being away from my delicious home cooking. 

Today's bento! 

Top tier: Black mission figs sliced and sandwiched with Serrano ham; peanut butter filled, chocolate covered pretzels
Bottom tier: Woorijip spicy chicken; ground pork pancake with egg; spicy cuttlefish banchan

Yes, the bottom tier is entirely from Woorijip, the place I get all of my gimbap, spicy chicken, etc. that I mention here a lot.  Sometimes.  Hehe :)

This morning, on the bus, I happened to open my eyes and saw this guy standing by the side of the highway.  I didn't get a good picture of him but this is what I did get.  Haha, what a nut.

Happy Bento~!!!


  1. Firstly, I love the idea of ham sandwiched between figs; very clever! Secondly, I have the plates that your Sunday dinner was on! Well, not YOUR plates; I didn't steal them .. but the same pattern, nonetheless. I knew we were destined to be friends. ;)

  2. Figs? For real? Is it time already? Gearing up for gluttony - gotta run!