Monday, August 4, 2008

Feisty Bento #201: Chinese People really DO eat everything...

It had to be said.



I was scrolling through the pics on my digicam, deleting stuff I don't need anymore (no room on my laptop! augh!), and said outloud, very absent-mindedly, "You know, I really eat quite well..."

My boyfriend just looked at me and rolled his eyes.  Hahahahha.  Well, I forget sometimes - I mean, I don't really think about it, but even when I'm at home, and I slap together something (eggs, udon, rice) it becomes something that looks really nice and tastes really good.  No wonder I'm not losing weight!  Hahahahhahaha.... well, whatever.  At least I'm not as fat as I was a year ago *shudder* yuck. 

Per usual, my weekend in food:

Friday night, nothing interesting, and I didn't whip out my camera to photograph the hot dog I ate while waiting on line.  BF arrived at the IMAX theater at 5:45 and was 5th in line to see the 8:45pm showing of Dark Knight.  Dude.  Well, whatever, we got great seats, ruined only by the fact that I paced my water intake improperly (I thought the movie was ending soon!) and wound up having to pee during probably Heath Ledger's best scene (I say probably because I missed nearly all of it, so I can't say for sure).  Oh well, I'll re-watch it, I know the gist of it.

***NO SPOILERS but if you are like me and don't want people to talk about movies you haven't seen yet, you should probably skip this paragraph.  Can I just say how much I love, love, LOVED Heath Ledger in this role?  Even better was, from a personal POV, the fact that I could see the parts of the Joker he took from Alan Moore's The Killing Joke, probably the best Batman comic EVER (and one of the best comics ever, period, single issue, full story, just awesome, you have to read it if you are into that sort of thing at all).  Heath drew upon this inner darkness that all of us have, but only some of us are able to tap into and leave alone at the end of the day.  *shivers*  He was, quite simply, amazing.  Sigh.  It's a complete shame that he will never be able to reprise the role.  I love the Joker being tha dark instead of a clown.  ***

Saturday was an interesting/odd day.  We went to a one year old birthday party held at a catering hall - the one at which my boyfriend previously worked.  He showed me around and I couldn't stand there any longer because the food had made me ill so I made a mad dash for the bathroom and spent the latter half of the party in there, throwing up.  Grrr.  It ruined the entire day, because it was our 5 year anniversary; after the party ended, instead of having fun and spending time together, I laid on the couch, curled up and in pain, afraid to move.  Sigh.

BF picked me up at 1, and surprised me with flowers.  Not these- the wrapping around the bouquet itself had these little flowers tucked into the twine (I would have taken a picture of the whole thing, but we were in a hurry and I could see he was impatiently waiting for me to be done unwrapping, boo).  So pretty!  (I took off the little flowers and plopped them into an AeroMexico wine glass I um, have.  It's perfectly sized for a bud vase.)

A huge bouquet of orchids.  He said, "I tried to get you Calla Lilies, but they were out."  Awww... (I like Calla lilies a lot, but I can't say they're my favorite flower.  I haven't found a favorite yet.)  I think these are absolutely gorgeous, and I love them (and I purposely cut off the vase in the picture because I couldn't find the proper vase in my apartment, and later discovered I left the heavy crystal one with a narrow mouth at my mother's, so I will hopefully grab that tonight and re-vase it, so I can take a proper photo tomorrow morning).  (The one I have on hand is a wide-mouth affair, so branches like this will either fall unattractively to one side - as in the above photo, they're leaning against the window frame in my bedroom - or splay out when I cut the wrapping twine, neither of which I want.)  I've decided women who say orchids are their favorite flowers are high maintenance.  The amount of care that is necessary to care for an orchid is outrageous.  (Though I bought my mother an orchid plant in March for Easter, and it's still alive and flowering.  She's got a crazy green thumb.)

The food once we got there:

Waiting for us at each place on every table.  The starch parts of this plate sucked (the cup holding the salad and the wrap surrounding the mozz and tomato, which was totally unnecessary but obviously trying to be fancy).  The salad bit was good, the mozz a little old/dry, and the veggies, well, I like those veggies.

The pasta course, which was really quite good - I hate when places overcook the pasta, or let it sit too long so it becomes overcooked and not al dente.  Perfectly cooked, though the sauce was a bit bland.  Tasty but could have been better, more depth.  Like my not-vodka sauce :)

Between courses - Creepy much?

SIL's chicken Bellagio.  She really liked it.  A LOT.

Not sure what I was looking at when I took this shot.  Veal Marsala, which was unanimously agreed upon to SUCK hard.  Overcooked, the meat was wasted as it was tough/harder than it should have been, and the sauce itself lacked oomph as well.  Boo.

Pastries... I think this was where I got sick.  Too much cream all day and then pow, with coffee, I was off.  Oh, and a ton of wine.  I didn't feel drunk at all... boo.  But I looked really good! 

Mmm, yummy!  Brunch on Sunday at Craft Bar.  Note to self: don't bother learning how to poach eggs perfectly so they look nice.  Just cover them in Hollandaise and no one will be the wiser hahahahahaha. 

And now, bento:

Top tier: Chinese take out leftovers - beef with snow peas, some rice
Bottom tier: marinated cucumbers and tomatoes; baby carrots

Ok, I know.  It's Chinese take-out, the bane of my very existence, practically.  Well, I was over at my mother's when she and my brother came home (yes, I was watching TV alone at her house) from their annual trip to Maine.  My mom said, "Are you hungry?  I want to order Chinese take-out," and I was not going to deny the woman.  I let her pick for me, and she chose this, which was alright.  It was today at lunch that I discovered... Chinese take out does not make for good "let's not microwave right before eating" leftovers.  Blegh.  Congealed sauce is gross.  Ick, ick, ick. 

BTW, did anyone notice that I formed "200" with the steak in my last post?  :P  Hmph!!!

And tonight, I dine on lobster ;)

HAPPY BENTO!!! sorry for the super long post today but ... yeah!


  1. I see it now, sorry I didn't before

  2. *smacks forehead* How did I not notice it!?!?!