Friday, August 22, 2008

Bento, O-bento, I have loved

I was browsing through my old bento pics, desperately looking for Entry #2 to Not Exactly Bento's Photography contest.  As I scrolled through, though, I came up with so many that I liked, that I decided against a 2nd entry.  The thing is, when someone says "What was your favorite bento EVER?" the picture that springs to mind is the one I already entered.  So I'll leave it at that, even though these are all lovely (and one of these definitely would be my 2nd favorite bento ever, if only - well, you'll see) as well, I just can't choose.

I guess this can be a "Just Over A Year, Just Over 200 Bentos, A Retrospective" haha. 

Feisty Bento #4 - the colors of the Italian flag.  I'm not Italian, but... so bright and pretty!

Feisty Bento #9 - I just love the wide variety here, and all the different offerings I've got going on, including fruit.

Feisty Bento #24 - I thought a sandwich bento would be boring, but I was wrong!  Simple, fast and so yummy!

Feisty Bento #72 is one of my favorite bentos of all time.  Everything "matches" - it's all Japanese cuisine, though the colors are off, it was so delicious to eat.  Sometimes I wonder why I don't do more like this, then I remember how many carbs were in that lunch.  :)

Feisty Bento #85 - I love the bright, popping colors here.  Red white and blue, even though this was dead of winter, so not Fourth of July, I can show a little patriotism, right?  Hehe.

Feisty Bento #100 - This marked a milestone for me.  And a WHOLE lot of food was had!

Feisty Bento #106: Wow, was that a good lunch, again.  And my Lock & Lock, how I loved you so (before I found out you're actually two 475 ml tiers...).

Feisty Bento #152 - I just love variety.  I love mushrooms.  I love steak.  All makes a great bento!

Feisty Bento #163: I just like Asian styled bentos? and if you stick croquettes in there, I'm doubly happy.  Haha.

Feisty Bento #175: Though the colors are dark, the food was extra specially delicious.

Feisty Bento #176: Look at those colors again!  I love it!  And the variety!

Feisty Bento #188: I loved the miso mushrooms so much, I keep making them... and that fried rice... and kalbi... omfg, so good!  Leftovers at their finest, I tell you.

Feisty Bento #208: A more recent bento, but I liked the colors and I love the fun flavors in this box.

Feisty Bento #209: Because... who puts Serrano ham in a bento?  Seriously, WHO BUT ME?!  Haha just kidding.  But it was good and I liked it.  And the miso mushrooms again...

I hope you enjoyed this brief retrospective at some of the bento, oh-bento I've made for myself in the past year and almost two months that I have particularly liked... what are your favorite bentos?  Of yours or of mine, I'm not picky :)

Everyone, happy bento and have a GREAT food weekend!!!


  1. I can so tell why you weren't able to choose. Those are lovely bentos. Great colors and variety. A retrospective is a great idea!

  2. It is fun looking back on all your food creations, isn't it?