Thursday, August 21, 2008

Feisty Bento #211: Corn muffins and their many uses

Whoa, the colors are way off on this bento... ah well.  Bear with me while I adjust, okay?! 

Top tier: cucumber salad; chicken cutlet; corn muffin
Bottom tier: chicken cutlet; boxed mac & cheese

Yup, more leftovers from a few nights ago.  I've been in a daze lately and finally figured out that I've worked monster OT so that's why I'm extra tired.  Oh well.  Anyway, the cucumber salad now contains, as I wanted it to, garlic minced fine and onion sliced thin.  It smells so garlicky, I could smell it all during the commute and even though, as it sits in my totebag, I can smell it, haha. 

A word about the corn muffin: a while back, I picked up a box of Jiffy Corn Muffin mix, thinking I'd translate it to bento as I've seen people do.  Well, last night, I finally bought a mini muffin pan and decided to do it! and they came out well, smelled delicious, but the bad thing was that I put a ton of Pecorino Romano in the mix and the bottom part of the muffin super-browned.  (BTW, the box says 15-20 minutes, but using my nose and my logic - these are smaller than a regular muffin - I did 10 and they were perfectly cooked.)  I also had wanted to add some red pepper flakes to half, but I forgot.

So, next time: I will stick to using cheddars, pepperjacks, that kind of cheese.  I will also be trying adding frozen corn kernels for extra sweetness! and to be a bit thrifty, since that will actually probably double the batter size and make twice as many muffins (always thinking, I am!).  I froze all but two, one I ate and one I put in today's bento.  This was quick, easy, and I foresee this becoming a bento staple.  :)  Yay!

Happy bento!!!


  1. aw man, i'm so hungry now after reading this!

  2. :) I love that you make your boxed mac and cheese special.

  3. Used to love that Jiffy mix - probably - probably too much 'cause I haven't bought it in years! Must remedy that soon :) Try it with a handful of frozen corn and one of the tiny cans of chopped green chilis - great with bean soup!