Monday, August 11, 2008

Feisty Bento #205: New Item

To make you envy my weekend :)

Friday night's baked clams

Friday night's dessert platter

Saturday's lunchtime fried zucchini

Saturday afternoon's treat, post-movie (not for me: I'm allergic to raspberries)

MY post movie treat, chocolate-chocolate chunk cookie.  Hehe :) (well I only ate a piece of it, I didn't eat the whole thing in one sitting)

Sunday's baseball game.  You can see the ball as it's approaching DW! 

The awesome promotional item they were giving away.  There's Billy Wagner in bobblehead form, sitting on top of my CPU.  I fully intend to get a DW poster (of him winding up at bat, tongue sticking out, of course) for that corner... it'll be my Mets corner!  Unfortunately, next month's Santana bobblehead is only for kids :( anyone want to lend me their child for a game?  Hahaha... I actually detest Billy Wagner for his blown saves in the past month or two.  Jerkface.

Sunday night's dinner.  I was surprised by this dish.  But a full review is to come, so that's all I'll say.

Sunday night's dessert at another place.  This is disgusting.  Who puts sake in ice cream?  IDIOTS that's who.  Gross.

And today's crooked bento. 

Top tier: leftover veggies and mashed potatoes from Friday's dinner
Bottom tier: lemon chicken nuggets; lime wedge for chicken; small piece of corn on the cob

After seeing this recipe on JustBento, I had to make it.  Before I did, I pressured NotExactlyBento to make them- which she did!!!- and said they were yummy, so enough from me, and I made them.

Being me, I had to make a few changes, since I wanted them super lemony... they still are just a slight lemon pucker at the end, which is great, but my major change was adding a bit of lime juice (and a lime wedge) to the marinade instead of just lemon, oh and at the end?  Instead of juicing a new lemon/lime, I used what the chicken had marinated in and poured that into the whole pan, letting it cook off and create a caramelized crust itself.  Waste not, want not, right?  :)  So yummy... I am so happy I still have some for tomorrow's bento!

As always, HAPPY BENTO!!!

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  1. OH YUM! I like how you made your lemon chicken by pouring the marinade in to cook in the pan. I wouldn't have thought of that. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to do that next time!